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About Rupantar Art Works by Partha Sahasome description


On an occaision on of my one of best friends brothers marriage ceremony, we a group of 5 friends was really confused to choose gift item for the newlywed bride something special. After shuffling some dozens of gift shops we decided to make something special own self.

After I personally worked out a model of Clay art of a flower vase, and when completed the piece I displayed it to all our friends. At that point a stranger came look at the work and wanted it buy at spot. He gave me an amount of Rs.275/- for that flower vase. Although I didn’t delivered him that on spot. It was my first piece of art work and the stranger was the first client which flushed enough fuel to take it as profession and started thinking over it seriously.


After I started manufacturing CLAY art works based on Bengal Famous TERACOTTA style. I continued this line up for next 5 years and reached a good satisfactory market position. During this time I personally learned many things regarding handicraft art works and its related techniques. I had also realized people are demanding handicraft art works more than other gift items. At this point of time engaged myself into developing the handicraft art work. Very soon its became my passion to create new and new and new artifacts. Gradually my mind which was grounded on B.Sc with chemistry started thinking on developing the material. I spent almost 2 yrs to reach a material which is based on poly ester could be useful as clay and its unbreakable, more durable, water proof and gives more freedom to do something more difficult.

The Way

After that I started doing new things daily with this material and its been gradually developed a new concept of handicraft art works. During last 5 years I am developing that concept through my handicrafts. And also enriching the interior decoration with this crafts. Recently I added one more concept of art with METALS.